Trail Section Maintenance

Adopt a section of the Killington Section of the Long Trail

Sector Checkers periodically 

  • Visit their section of trail.
  • Perform any needed maintenance tasks that they feel comfortable doing.
  • Report to the Killington Section trails chairman on the condition of their trails and on the need for any major tasks for which more help is needed.
  • Tools and guidance by experienced trail workers will be provided as needed.

Typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Pruning trailside foliage, trimming grass and brush, removing small blowdowns from the trail
  • Repainting blazes
  • Repairing or replacing directional signs
  • Hoeing out water bars
  • Occasionally a large blowdown must be removed or a wet spot on the trail must be bridged or bypassed.

The trail sectors are listed below. If you’re interested in becoming a Sector Checker for the Killington Section, or have questions about it, get in touch with Herbert Ogden. He is also listed in the About Us section.

Trail Sectors Maintained by the Killington Section.
Killington Section Sector Checkers from south to north: revised Nov. 2017

LT from Vt. 140 to Patch Hollow 2.7 mi. Cynthia Taylor-Miller
LT from Patch Hollow to Minerva Hinchey Shelter 0.9 mi. Eliza Mabry
LT from Minerva Hinchey Shelter to Vt. 103 2.7 mi. Matt Vezina
LT from Vt. 103 to Lottery Rd. 1.9 mi. Tom Shanahan 775- 5371
LT from Lottery Rd. to Lower Cold River Rd. 2.0 mi. Connie and Mark Youngstrom
LT from Lower Cold River Rd. to Gov. Clement Shelter 1.9 mi. Barbara and Barry Griffith
LT from Gov. Clement Shelter to Cooper Lodge 4.3 mi. Larry Walter & Dave Coppock
LT from Cooper Lodge to Jungle Jct. 2.5 mi. Allison Henry
LT from Jungle Jct. to Churchill Scott Shelter 1.9 mi. vacant
LT from Churchill Scott Shelter. to US 4 1.9 mi. Bob Amelang
LT from US 4 to Tucker-Johnson Shelter 1.4 mi. Vivian Beebe (Walter)
Bucklin Trail to 2nd bridge 1.2 mi. Deb Waggett
Bucklin Trail beyond 2nd bridge 2.1 mi. Matt McCoy
Killington Spur 0.2 mi. Allison Henry
Sherburne Pass Trail south of US 4 and Pico Link 3.4 mi. Sue Thomas
Canty Trail (up Blue Ridge Mountain) 2.4 mi. Steve Tuckerman

Sector Checkers periodically visit their sectors, perform any maintenance they feel comfortable doing, and report to the Section Trails & Shelters Chair on the condition of the trail and the need for major work where help is needed. Tools and guidance by experienced trail workers are provided as needed. Typical maintenance by Sector Checkers or full-blown Section work parties includes pruning trailside foliage, trimming weeds and brush, hoeing out waterbars and trailside ditches, removing blowdowns, repairing or replacing signs, and repainting blazes. To become a Sector Checker or to be put on a list of volunteers to call when a need arises, please contact Trails & Shelters Co-Chair Herb Ogden at 802-293-2510 or [email protected].

* Bear Mountain 3.6 miles Long Trail: Route 140 to Minerva Hinchey Shelter
* Clarendon Gorge 2.7 miles Long Trail: Minerva Hinchey Shelter to Route 103
* Beacon Hill 1.9 miles Long Trail: Route 103 to Lottery Road
* Cold River 2.0 miles Long Trail: Lottery Road to Lower Cold River Road
* Gould Brook 1.5 miles Long Trail: Lower Cold River Road to Upper Cold River Road
* Sargent Brook 1.4 miles Long Trail: Upper Cold River Road to Gov. Clement Shelter
* Killington South 4.3 miles Long Trail: Gov. Clement Shelter to Cooper Lodge
* Killington North 6.3 miles Long Trail: Cooper Lodge to US Route 4
* Willard Gap 1.4 miles Long Trail: US Route 4 to Tucker-Johnson Shelter
* Pico/Sherburne Pass Trail 3.4 miles: US Route 4 to LT at Jungle Junction, plus Pico Link to Pico Peak
* Bucklin Trail 3.6 miles : Brewers Corner to Cooper Lodge, plus Killington Spur to Killington Peak
* Blue Ridge 2.4 miles Canty Trail: Old Turnpike Road to Blue Ridge summit

Click to download the Walk-Through form as a PDF Sector checklist.pdf