The local Killington Section of the Green Mountain Club which maintains the Long Trail from Route 140 to the Tucker/Johnson Shelter, north of Route 4 can use your help!  We will be meeting on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 at 9:00 AM on the west side of Route 4, just to the south of the Rutland Fire Station on that little side road (called Main Street) and south of Washington Street.  Activities will include clipping, water-bar (drainage ditch) cleaning and blowdown (fallen trees) removal.  We use traditional tools, including crosscut saws, axes, hoes, rakes, hand clippers, loppers and combi-tools (a trenching shovel with a long handle).  All tools are provided.  If you're interested, please give either Dave Coppock or Larry Walter a call at 802-683-1614 or 802-775-3855, respectively.  You will need to wear durable clothes, gloves, footwear (and rain gear if needed), along with lunch and at least one liter of water.  If you choose to help the saw/axe crew, USFS-certified sawyers will provide hardhats and any necessary training.  Sharp saws and axes are lighter, way quieter and frankly, more fun to use than a chainsaw.

Become a member of the team that looks after a good chunk of the oldest long distance trail in America.  No experience necessary, just a good attitude.

We are  volunteer group that maintains the Long Trail and side trails between US Route 140 to Route 4, and are open to members and non members of the Green Mountain Club.

Join us for outdoor opportunities all year round listed in our Outing Schedule
- Hiking/snowshoeing
- Walks
- Canoeing

Volunteer opportunities - this can be for a few hours or a day in a group event or something you set up with us to do on your own time.

Our current (Spring 2024) Smoke & Blazes has stories and notes on our most recent outings.

​Download our Killington Area Hiker Services booklet.  Updated in March 2019, it has quick links to:

  • transportation,
  • laundry,
  • places to eat,
  • lodging,
  • find internet access,
  •  other hiker related services

Download to your phone and the clickable links work within your phone's browser.