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Killington Section Directors

Term expiration 2019  
Larry Walter
Alison Henry
Wayne Krevetski*
*2nd 3 year term, cannot be re-elected
Term expiration 2020
*Herb Ogden*
Cindy Taylor-Miller*
Sue Thomas
*2nd 3 year term, cannot be re-elected
Term expiration 2021
Sandy Bragg *
Ruth Hare
Gerry Martin
*2nd 3 year term, cannot be re-elected

Killington Section Officers, Committee Chairs, Delegates

Herb Ogden, President
Wayne Krevetski, Vice President
Cindy Taylor-Miller,  Secretary
Sandy Bragg,  Treasurer
Sue Thomas, Outings
Cindy Taylor-Miller,  Main Club Director
Larry Walter,  Alternate Main Club Director
Larry Walter,  Trails & Shelters
Wayne Krevetski , Trails & Shelters

Online Smoke & Blazes archives

Issues of our newsletter, Smoke & Blazes, dating back to 1947 are available from the Rutland Historical Society
There are instructions about navigating and searching the past issues.

Contact Information

Vivian Bebee
​Sandy Bragg
​Ruth Hare
Allison Henry
Wayne Krevetski
Gerry Martin
Herbert Ogden
Cindy Taylor-Miller
Sue Thomas
Larry Walter
14 Belmont Avenue, Rutland, VT  05701, 775-3855
​346 Russellville Road, Shrewsbury, VT 05738, 492-2143

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22 Roberts Avenue, Rutland, VT  05701, 802-779-4404
998 Lincoln Hill Road, Shrewsbury, VT  05738, 492-2244
214 South End Road, Mount Tabor, VT  05253, 293-2510
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